2024 Presidents Message

Hello everyone,

Welcome to 2024 at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club, I hope everyone had a very safe and prosperous Christmas and new year.

This should be our 65th year in operation, and so far, we still have a lot of our firearm rights, but we must stay vigilant and stay informed with the ever-changing firearm laws and new bans.

The weather so far this winter have been pretty good, lots of plus temperature days with not so cold night, with that said, please be careful if going on the lake and rivers, for your safety.

Regarding the weather, I must advise everyone with the warming and cooling there has been a buildup of ice on the roads and around the ranges, please use caution when on the gun club property, we do try to put down some sand where we can, but do not always get all the spots.

This year the Lake of the Woods Gun Club has got a plow truck to keep the roads in the best condition possible, I would like to thank Shane’s Northern Tire for the plow and all the work to get the truck up and running, also to Dingwall Ford for the truck, this vehicle will be used on gun club property only.

This year you may see some range closures because of required work to be done on a few of the ranges, as an example the action range will have the range mats fixed and get the range back to operating status, the main pistol range may need to have some mat and range floor repair.

The rifle range may need to increase a berm height to meet some shooting standards, we will put out due and timely notices to inform everyone of times and days.

I bring up every year housekeeping as a major priority at our range, brass should be picked up when you finish shooing at both pistol ranges and at the rifle range, we have been informed by the CFO’s that loose brass or shotgun hulls for that matter is a safety concern and could lead to range closures if not kept clean. Let all work together to not let that happen. Garbage, especially left-over food stuffs has caused some damage to club property because the wildlife smells the scent and will rip cans open to get the food, so please take home with you any leftover foodstuffs and or containers. Thank you.

We are looking at getting a key day going very soon and we are trying to keep the price to $5.00 so please bring in your old key to get the $5.00 price or the key will be $10.00. New members will remain at $5.00.

A heads up for key day I will have a few coffee cups and travel mugs for sale, also I have a couple of hats and a couple of T shirts.

The biathlon has not been so lucky so far this year with the lack of snow but they have been training on their range, (A reminder this range is for specially designed biathlon rifles only). If we can get some snow soon the Biathlon will hold their first organized race on January 28th, let hope they get some snow and please respect their trails.

This will be my 6th year working as your president, it has been a privilege for me to hold this position with such a progressive club, our club with all our facilities, ranks very high among clubs in our province and across the country, we should all be proud.

I would like to thank all the volunteers who come out when we have work parties, when we have organized shoots, plus just general helpful members, you make things work for the better.

I would like to thank the board of directors who all work hard behind the scenes to make the day-to-day operation look so seamless and support things to make our club better, (positive and proactive).

Lastly as always before I close, I want to thank you, the members who help to make this club what it is today, it takes not just older members but new members as well to be a great club. Very lastly, the one thing I will say about the members of the Lake of the Woods Gun Club is, I have never seen a member not help another member when in need, a group of top-notch people.

Thank you

In solidarity

Steve Zabloski

President LWGC / on behalf of the board


Lake of the Woods Gun Club is a 100% volunteer run organization

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