Sunday August 28, Benchrest Varmint for Score Registered, 25 rds, 200 meters. 7 am to 2 pm.

Sunday September 11th, Benchrest Varmint for Score Registered, 25 rds, 100 meters. 7 am to 2 pm


Varmint Hunter Class: Club rules. Factory produced off the rack rifles with unaltered factory stocks and unaltered factory barrels with factory produced chambers in any cartridge may exceed 10 pounds. The weight as produced from the factory is allowed. Glass bedding, full floating and recrowning are allowed. 24X maximum scope power. Custom guns with aftermarket stock or custom match barrel shall not exceed ten (10) pounds.

BRSC Heavy Varmint for Score: (registered) NBRSA rules apply. Gun must comply with NBRSA definition of Heavy Varmint Rifle not exceeding 13.5 pounds.
Note* Shooters competing in HVFS for Canadian records must have a valid BRSC, IBS or NBRSA membership and must comply with NBRSA rule book.

Open Class: No restrictions.

Rimfire Benchrest
Club rules apply. Two classes, (1) Unlimited Class, custom or match rifles, no restrictions. (2) Sporter Class: any sights, ammo used must be equal in price or cheaper than Center X.

Registration 0700 – 0830
Safety Meeting 0845
Warm Up Target 0900 – 0930
Match Commence fire 0930

Short Range Silhouette:

Big Bore Rifle: Cast bullets only, any caliber, 2 classes: Open Sight & Scoped, 40 rds.

Cowboy Lever Action: 25 caliber or larger, low intensity cartridge, tubular magazine, rimmed case, loaded with cast or jacketed, round nose or flat nose bullet must be used. (Rimmed case exception .35 Remington) Any centerfire rimmed pistol cartridge is permissible in the event. Any cartridge causing target damage or deemed unsafe may be banned.