New Year – New Key – New Membership card

The Gate and Pistol Hut locks have been changed.

Please arrange to pickup your new key (return the old one if possible) and membership card from Rod Macdonell.

Range Access

Please note that the roads to the Pistol and Rifle Ranges have been closed for the Winter, there still is vehicle access to the Clubhouse parking area, allowing pedestrian access to either ranges.

The Biathlon training is now taking place,  the new snow allowing grooming for the skiers.

If you do wish to utilize the ranges, please feel free to borrow the provided sled and please try to walk at the edges of the groomed areas.

Memberships Available Online

You can now pay for your 2019 membership online through our website! In order to be able to take payments online for 2019 memberships we have implemented a very basic setup. We will be improving on this system over time and are hoping to make many improvements. You can access the new payment form HERE There will also be a link to the page on the Membership tab.

One limitation we ran in to with the current system affects families that have more than 2 children. At this time you will still need to renew/purchase your membership using the paper form. This will be resolved in the near future.

2nd Annual Gord Dixon Memorial Shoot

The second annual Gord Dixon memorial shoot was held on Sept 30th at the club.
It was a fun day where participants shot 3 disciplines – 50 sporting clays… 50 single trap and 50 double trap. These 3 disciplines were some of Gords favorites. A BBQ lunch was enjoyed by all.

Awards were given out for the top shooter in each discipline and also high combined score for all 3 disciplines.

Top shooter in sporting clays was Ron Pedigrew scoring 40/50
Top shooter in single trap was Kevin Holder scoring 42/50
Top shooter in double trap was Steve Zabloski scoring 35/50
Steve also got high overall score in the 3 disciplines with 110/150

The wind on this day humbled all the shooters as the clays were doing some dancing in the wind. Everyone had a great time and a good chuckle watching the clays in the wind.

Gord Dixon Memorial Wind-Up Shoot

We will gather together in honor of a long time mentor to many of us shotgunners.

In Gords honor we will hold a wind up shoot on Sunday Sept 30th starting at 10:30am.
We will be starting with 50 sporting clay shoot.  Smokies, chips and pop will be available for a small lunch (by donation)
After lunch we will shoot 50 singles and 50 doubles.
Come out and partake in the fun, shoot some or all it is up to you.
Shotgun Committee