2022 Gord Dixon memorial shoot

This year’s event, had 27 shooters with shooters coming for Winnipeg and Dryden.

The day started off with a nice sunny sky, and the morning sporting shoot went well, except for a few minor machine breakdowns, but this did not deter any of the shooters.

After sporting we all sat done for a delicious lunch and I have to thank my son Andy who handles the BBQing.

We shot trap singles and trap doubles after lunch, but we did get a little rain, again this did not slow any of the shooters down.

After all the shooting was done, we had the following results.

Sporting Clays was tied between 2 shooters with Jeff Favreau, getting the win on a countback.

Trap Singles also had 2 shooters tied with top score, Kevin Aguis from Winnipeg getting the win also on a countback.

Trap Doubles had a clear winner with Larry Perkins from Dryden taking the win.

High overall was won also by Jeff Favreau, for having the highest combined score.

I would like to thank all the shooters who showed up for Gord’s memorial shoot and all the people that helped out with scoring for other squads and cleaning up.

Hope to see you all next year

Steve Zabloski

Shotgun chairman LWGC

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