In Memory

Eric Liznick

September 11, 1948 to August 26, 2022.

Obit-Liznick | Alcock Funeral Home

LWGC member Eric Liznick has passed away at Lake of the Woods District Hospital at the age of 73. Many will remember Eric as our Handgun Division Chairman, Membership Chairman and member of the executive. Eric also assisted with the Club Level Handgun Safety Course.

Eric always put his heart into every task. He was a hard worker and many physically demanding work parties included Eric.

As a volunteer he was conscientious, kind and generous with his time and resources.

Eric’s drive, determination and leadership brought the return of falling plates and new duelling trees that provide endless shooting entertainment for the members.

He was a happy, friendly and likeable guy.

Eric’s tenure and devotion contributed to the growth and prosperity of LWGC.

In remembrance his name will be added to the Departed Members Plaque on display in the club house.

Respectfully submitted by

Dwayne Cyr

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