Biathlon update/request

We have completed installing the electronic timing wires at the new Biathlon range, have prepared the trails for winter and are ready to hold out first race January 28, 2024. We have athletes and coaches but no local race officials. We have arranged for a FREE officials course on Sunday November 12 from 1000-1500, at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club. First 25 registrations accepted. Being an official is not hard, and the course will prepare you well. We will have a mock race at the end of the course to allow you to practice your skills.

Thankyou for getting involved to support the growth of Biathlon in Kenora.

To register go to Zone4 website. If asked to choose a province choose Manitoba as we are affiliated with Biathlon Manitoba. Use the code ELOC23.

Link — Biathlon Manitoba – Entry Level Officials Course | Zone4 Online Registration

Tim Wehner

LWGC Biathlon Chair

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