A reminder of pistol range rules

With the spring clean up of brass on the pistol range it has been discovered that some person(s) have used over calibre sized rifles on the pistol range.

Rules are in place to restrict the size of rifles used on the pistol range, these rules can be found on the club website, under range safety operations manual, under the handgun heading.

Three bullet points I would like to bring to everyone attention are:

9) .17 to .22 calibre center fire and rim fire rifles are permitted.

10) other firearms are restricted to straight- wall chambering only

11) no rifles are to be shot at the falling plates or the dueling trees. These are for pistols only.

This past winter we have maintained the roads to allow access to both pistol and rifle ranges, so no unauthorized rifles should need to be used on the pistol range.

The rifle range has 40 meter, 60 meter and 100 meter target settings which will work with any smaller calibre rifle if needed.

Also, a reminder that the Biathlon range is for specially designed .22 calibre biathlon rifles only.

Thank You for your understanding on this matter, we all work to keep and maintain a safe and functional club range.

Thank You

Steve Zabloski President LWGC

On behalf of the Pistol division/ board of directors

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