500 Meter Rifle Match

Lake of the Woods Gun Club Rifle Division held a 500-meter Rifle Match Sunday June 26th.

Wind conditions were definitely sporting.  

Group Aggregate

1st Phil Nick 3.9916”

2nd Warren Gold 4.2154”

3rd Dwayne Cyr 5.5581”

Score Aggregate

1st Phil Nick 225 – 2X

2nd Dwayne Cyr 222 – 5X

3rd Al Mutch 215 – 1X

Combined Overall

1st Phil Nick

2nd Dwayne Cyr

3rd Warren Gold

Small Group Phil Nick 1.749”

Best Single Target Score Dwayne Cyr 49 – 2X

Congratulations to Phil Nick for winning his 6th straight 500-meter match.

Special thanks to the volunteers who helped run the match. Scorer Brandan Lacey, Target Crew the Hellesoe family, RSO Mike Pollon.

Submitted by D. Cyr Rifle Chairman

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