Lake of the woods Gun Club Rifle Division held a 22 rimfire Benchrest Match May 29, 2022.

Attended by 10 shooters who wished they wore long johns.
It was cold, it rained on and off, the wind blew from every direction and gusted to 57K.

Unlimited Class
1 Grant Schick 750 – 41X (range record is 43X)
2 Ron McDaniel 750 – 37X
3 Lawrence Zebier 747 – 39X

Sporter Class
1 Ryan Jackson 738 – 16X
2 Ron Pettis 737 – 18X
3 Al Mutch 730 – 18X

Congratulations to the winners on their performance in challenging conditions.

Special Thanks to Scorer Al Carlson and the Hellesoe family target crew.
Next Rimfire Match July 31, 2022.

Submitted by Rifle Chairman Dwayne Cyr

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