LWGC Presidents Message

To all members;

Welcome to 2022, I hope everyone is being safe and healthy.

Here we are dealing with another bout of Covid, so far, our restrictions have not closed us down, just remember when out in a group keep your distance and be safe.

This is my fourth year as the President of the Lake of the Woods gun club and it is my pleasure to continue working toward having the best shooting club in Ontario.

We, as a board are working on some improvements for this year such as major mat repair and replace on the main pistol range and working toward leveling the floor at the action range.

Rifle, after last years inspection did some major repair and improvements to the target bunkers and is looking at drainage Improvements down range.

Shotgun is working on clearing trails and fixing a new station on sporting range.

All discipline chairmen are working on some sort of improvements, which shows the work never stops to keep up with progress.

We are also working on trying to have T-shirts and possibly crests some time this year.

This past fall we had an incident where someone drove past the road barricade’s put up by Biathlon and drove toward the rifle range, luckily, we got some snow shortly after and could groom the ruts out. Please respect the signs and barricades.

As I mention every year, please check out our events calendar on our web page.

This may save you a trip to the club to find out the OPP are training, there is a rifle match, a shogun shoot or some other shooting event taking place.

Our webpage also has the club orientation sheet, Bylaws, range rules and many other things you may want to know, we work hard at putting out as much relevant information as possible.

For those members requiring a club Orientation, we will be getting some classes going as soon as we get the spring melt so we can walk around.

 Our club level handgun safety course has been refined and will also begin when the weather warms up. Messages will be sent out when be are going to start training.

One of the most important aspects of our club is our members, as it you, that makes it possible for us operate, by your membership.

Your board is always open to any kind suggestions a member has, as long as there is some associating information to back up that suggestion.  

We all have to remember that the Lake of the woods gun club is 100% volunteer operated, at times we need to run work parties and any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Let’s all work toward having a great year, so be safe and healthy and have some fun.

Steve Zabloski

President LWGC

On behalf of the board of directors

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