In Memory

Fellow members;

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of fellow member Jeff Schwartz. Jeff was born January 09 1970 and passed August 11 of this year. He was 51.  Not long ago we reached out to the members with a go fund me for Jeff to help with his battle with cancer, which many of you gave very unselfishly.

Jeff fought a long hard battle, but never gave up, he even came out to shoot with his shotgun pals when his strength was with him. Jeff was not a long time club member but has been involved in the shooting and hunting sports his whole life. Jeff made coming to the club fun, he kept fellow shooters entertained with a staunch political view, a sharp quip or a snappy saying. There was never a dull moment with Jeff around and for that we will always remember you.

Rest peaceful brother. You will be missed by the club and your shotgun family.

Steve Zabloski – Shotgun Chairman

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