2022 Gord Dixon memorial shoot

This year’s event, had 27 shooters with shooters coming for Winnipeg and Dryden.

The day started off with a nice sunny sky, and the morning sporting shoot went well, except for a few minor machine breakdowns, but this did not deter any of the shooters.

After sporting we all sat done for a delicious lunch and I have to thank my son Andy who handles the BBQing.

We shot trap singles and trap doubles after lunch, but we did get a little rain, again this did not slow any of the shooters down.

After all the shooting was done, we had the following results.

Sporting Clays was tied between 2 shooters with Jeff Favreau, getting the win on a countback.

Trap Singles also had 2 shooters tied with top score, Kevin Aguis from Winnipeg getting the win also on a countback.

Trap Doubles had a clear winner with Larry Perkins from Dryden taking the win.

High overall was won also by Jeff Favreau, for having the highest combined score.

I would like to thank all the shooters who showed up for Gord’s memorial shoot and all the people that helped out with scoring for other squads and cleaning up.

Hope to see you all next year

Steve Zabloski

Shotgun chairman LWGC

In Memory

Eric Liznick

September 11, 1948 to August 26, 2022.

Obit-Liznick | Alcock Funeral Home

LWGC member Eric Liznick has passed away at Lake of the Woods District Hospital at the age of 73. Many will remember Eric as our Handgun Division Chairman, Membership Chairman and member of the executive. Eric also assisted with the Club Level Handgun Safety Course.

Eric always put his heart into every task. He was a hard worker and many physically demanding work parties included Eric.

As a volunteer he was conscientious, kind and generous with his time and resources.

Eric’s drive, determination and leadership brought the return of falling plates and new duelling trees that provide endless shooting entertainment for the members.

He was a happy, friendly and likeable guy.

Eric’s tenure and devotion contributed to the growth and prosperity of LWGC.

In remembrance his name will be added to the Departed Members Plaque on display in the club house.

Respectfully submitted by

Dwayne Cyr

2022 Gord Dixon memorial shoot

Time 10:00 to 2pm

Date September 10 2022

The shoot format will be 50 sporting clays then 2 rounds of trap singles and 1 round of trap doubles.

Registration will be at 09:00- 09:30

Shooter safety meeting at 09:45

Shotgun start at 10:00

A BBQ lunch will be on between 11:30 and 12:30 by donation

Both single trap and doubles will begin after lunch

Awards to be presented after shooting completed

Cost; $10:00 entry

Members          $5:00 per round

Non-members $6:00 per round

Ammo                $14.00 per box

All  cash, no punch cards

Noise Notice

Moncrief construction will be working adjacent to the rifle range, clearing the new Biathlon range and building berms beginning Thursday August 11.

There will be loud noise in the area for approximately three working days and then dust in the air as they chip and build berms.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Tim Wehner, Biathlon Chair

Rifle Match Results

Lake of the Woods Gun Club Rifle Division held a Rimfire Benchrest Match Sunday July 31st, 2022

The day started off with showers mixed with a few brief bouts of heavy rain before settling down to a dead calm.
Sporter Class
1st Wayne Schellenberg 746 – 32X *new range record
2nd Ryan Jackson 743 – 27X
3rd Al Mutch 741 – 15X
Unlimited Class
1st Phil Nick 750 – 47X *new range record
2nd Lawrence Zebier 749 – 40X
3rd Ron McDaniel 748 – 34X

Afterwards competitors tried a 200-meter rimfire match on Schutzen style score targets. Best
scores were 484/500 with a 2 3/8” ten shot group recorded.
Thanks to the competitors for supporting our range. Some traveled a fair distance and gave up
other worthy pursuits to attend. Thanks to the volunteers, Scorer Al Carlson, Target Crew David
Jones and Henning Hellesoe.
Submitted by
Match Director
Dwayne Cyr

500 Meter Rifle Match

Lake of the Woods Gun Club Rifle Division held a 500-meter Rifle Match Sunday June 26th.

Wind conditions were definitely sporting.  

Group Aggregate

1st Phil Nick 3.9916”

2nd Warren Gold 4.2154”

3rd Dwayne Cyr 5.5581”

Score Aggregate

1st Phil Nick 225 – 2X

2nd Dwayne Cyr 222 – 5X

3rd Al Mutch 215 – 1X

Combined Overall

1st Phil Nick

2nd Dwayne Cyr

3rd Warren Gold

Small Group Phil Nick 1.749”

Best Single Target Score Dwayne Cyr 49 – 2X

Congratulations to Phil Nick for winning his 6th straight 500-meter match.

Special thanks to the volunteers who helped run the match. Scorer Brandan Lacey, Target Crew the Hellesoe family, RSO Mike Pollon.

Submitted by D. Cyr Rifle Chairman

Annual Short Range Metallic Silhouette match.

On Sunday June 12th, 2022 Lake of the Woods Gun Club Rifle Division held our 31st annual Short Range Metallic Silhouette match.

It was attended by 10 shooters including competitors from Rainey River and Sioux Lookout.

The out-of-town shooters performed very well.

Special Thanks to Jacques Choquette and Helene Rannou for another well run event.

Submitted by Dwayne Cyr

Lake of the woods Gun Club Rifle Division held a 22 rimfire Benchrest Match May 29, 2022.

Attended by 10 shooters who wished they wore long johns.
It was cold, it rained on and off, the wind blew from every direction and gusted to 57K.

Unlimited Class
1 Grant Schick 750 – 41X (range record is 43X)
2 Ron McDaniel 750 – 37X
3 Lawrence Zebier 747 – 39X

Sporter Class
1 Ryan Jackson 738 – 16X
2 Ron Pettis 737 – 18X
3 Al Mutch 730 – 18X

Congratulations to the winners on their performance in challenging conditions.

Special Thanks to Scorer Al Carlson and the Hellesoe family target crew.
Next Rimfire Match July 31, 2022.

Submitted by Rifle Chairman Dwayne Cyr