Club Level Safety Course registration

CLSC Registration

  • Attendance at the Club Level Safety Course (CLSC) is a requirement for every new handgun member. You will not be able to shoot on the pistol range until you have completed this course. A handgun card will be issued to you upon successful completion replacing your current general card.

    The CLSC course is scheduled for Saturday, July 25th 2020. The course will begin at 9:00 am. The course is approximately 3 hours in duration, including the practical component.

    Once your registration has been received you will be emailed a copy of the study guide and confirmation of your attendance in the class.

    Cancellation with full refund is available up to 72 hours prior to the course start. To request cancellation, email Within 72 hours of the course start there will be no refunds.

    Please note that the CLSC course is delivered by volunteers of the Lake of the Woods Gun Club.
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