Club Level Safety Course

The Lake of the Gun Club is holding its semi seasonal Club Level  Safety Course the 19th April.

The course is  a onetime requirement for access to the Pistol Ranges.

If you are interested in taking this course, please let me know as soon as possible, as places are limited and it fills up quickly.

Pistol range probably accessible in the morning up until 12:00


Welcome everyone to 2020, returning members and of course all our new members.

It is all of our members that make our club as good as it is and when we pitch in on projects it makes us better. Every little thing helps

We as a club had a very good year in 2019, we had our range inspection, which as a club we did very well. Thanks to all the volunteers for the extra help.

We now have the new action pistol range open and approved by the CFO, we now have a extra place if the police are training.

This year we may run into some issues with possible gun law changes, all I can suggest to everyone  try to stay abreast of changes, we will try to update as much as possible on our webpage.

Right now, on our webpage is a link to a petition concerning how gun laws get enacted it is a good read to understand how things should work.

A reminder to all is let’s try to keep our club as clean as we can, by picking up trash we see, picking up our brass at the rifle range and pistol range and hulls on our shotgun courses and range.  We try to recycle what we can.

Our membership renewal/new  application process on line is working very well, our numbers are returning strong, I hope this helps everyone make the process smoother, and helps us use less snail mail.

We tried something new this year with a get your Card and Key day on January 11th, we had some donuts and coffee and some BBQ smokies, we had over 80 members attend and it seems everyone enjoyed the experience. There was a few good gossip sessions and I had the chance to meet some members. We also had a visit from our MP Eric Melillo He stopped by to lend his support and to avail himself to our members in attendance. This was a very successful day thank you David and Rod.

All our different division seem to be doing good, at this time we have an archery range on shotgun sporting range number 1 on the left side heading up hill to clubhouse, but no division chairman

It has static targets set up to 50 meters, if you use this range make sure you sign in to the book in the mailbox on the shooting station. If anyone has an interest in taking up the chairman’s job and progressing the archery division, please let me know. 

Each division welcomes any member that has an interest in trying something new in our club.  If trying shotgun is something you would like, give me a call, 465-4404. Rifle call Dwayne or Phil          Pistol                co chairs are Bob and Andrew. There may be some possible restrictions.

Well enough rambling. To all I wish a happy new year and a safe shooting season.

Steve Zabloski

President LWGC

Update From Winter Worlds Masters Games 2020 From Innsbruck Austria Where LWGC has 3 members competing.

Biathlon Individual results for today

  • Of our Canadian Team 3 Bronze, 1 silver and one gold on the women’s side. You will see one of these was a Kenora Skier in the Women’s 60+ category!

Tough competition on the men’s side with some excellent shooting but not fast enough skiing to catch ex-Olympians/National team athletes.

My friend Freidl Bartsch from Australia was the only person out of 209 to hit 20/20 today! Super COOL life time dream for every bi-athlete to have perfect shooting and actually quite rare!

Cheers from Austria!

Tim Wehner

Kenora skiers to compete in Austria

Day 2 Update From Winter Worlds Masters Games 2020 Innsbruck Austria Where LWGC has 3 members competing.

  • Sprint Biathlon results:
  • Findlay wins second bronze. Simone and Wehner hit 7/10 in sprint in Austria. After training at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club in preparation for this event local racers had another beautiful  day to race in Austria. Blue sky, no wind.

Amongst the 20 athlete Canadian team the women won another 3 Gold and two Bronze today in the sprint-two bouts of shooting, three laps skiing.

Tomorrow is the relay for Men and Women.

Cheers until tomorrow.

Tim Wehner

Michelle Simone of the Kenora Nordic and Biathlon Club takes aim, during competition at Falcon Lake. (Submitted)

Three members of the Kenora Nordic and Biathlon Club are leaving soon to compete in Seefeld, Austria with 20 other Canadians and about 200 biathlon competitors from around the world. The Winter World Masters Games is a multi-sport event held every five years.

There will be 3,100 athletes competing in the 12 sports disciplines making it larger than the Peyonchang Olympics. Jennifer Findlay and Tim Wehner last participated in 2015 in Quebec City, where they met others, who told us about the International Masters Biathlon Championships. Wehner has subsequently gone to compete repeatedly in Kontiolahti, Finland.

Biathlon club members have been training at the Lake of the Woods Gun Club regularly, and they are thankful for the ongoing support. The athletes from Kenora competing are:

  • Jennifer Findlay,
  • Michelle Simone and
  • Tim Wehner.

(Submitted by Tim Wehner)

Winter World Masters Games


Petition E-2341

As firearms owners and enthusiasts we should all be informed about the upcoming changes the government is planning on enacting via Order In Council (OIC) thereby circumventing the normal democratic process.  Please take the time to inform yourselves about these changes as they will significantly impact the shooting sports we all enjoy.

You can read the petition here


Annually, at this time of year since 2013, the Biathlon Division have groomed their trails and have commenced snow training. Training sessions normally last about 45 minutes.

The plan is to maintain a plowed road from the highway to the club house and provide ample parking.

The road leaving the Club House parking lot will be barricaded to vehicle traffic to protect the groomed Biathlon trail from damage.

Please walk on the left side of the groomed trail which is solid like a sidewalk for easy walking.

There will be a plastic snow boggan provided for hauling your equipment to the firing line to shoot.

Good luck to our Biathlon Division athletes. May they meet their goals in 2020 and we are looking forward to hearing about their successes and achievements in the media.

Thanks for your understanding.

RPAL Course

The Way Christian Fellowship is hosting an RPAL Course on Friday Nov. 22 from 5pm until 9pm and Saturday Nov. 23 – 9am until 5pm.
Cost: $170.00
Church is at 247 Reddit Rd.
1km north of the bypass.

Contact Bill Cowan to sign up – 465-4162 or

Gord Dixon memorial shoot

On Saturday September 14 2019 the shotgun division of the lake of the woods gun club, had our windup shoot as the Gord Dixon memorial shoot.
The rain stopped and the sun came out and 18 people showed up to have some fun.
We shot 3 different disciplines of shotgun shooting, such as sporting clays
Single trap and doubles trap.
We started at 1030 in the morning with sporting clays with Dwayne Cyr coming in with high score with 34/50
When all the groups got back to the club house, we had a smokie Bar B Que where we all had a good feed.
After lunch we shot both single trap and double trap with Richard Bootsveld getting high score for singles with a score of 46/50 and Bill Dixon taking the doubles trap with a score of 34/50.
We also had an award for high overall if you were involved in shooting in all 3 disciplines, we added up all your scores and Dwayne Cyr came in with top score with a 109/150.
I believe that all the shooters were winners today because it was a super day of shooting.
I was so very nice to see Mrs. Leslie Dixon who came out and spent some time with the shooters and share a little lunch with us.
Leslie also make a generous donation of award plaques for the memorial shoot.
Thank-you Leslie
I would like to thank everyone that came out and hope to see you all next year.

Steve Zabloski
Trap Chairman