Rimfire Benchrest Match

Rifle Division Rimfire Benchrest Match Results

On Sunday May 27 th seventeen competitors gathered on the LWGC Rifle Range in a test of small bore accuracy and precision. Mild readable breezes resulted in high scores.

Semi Auto Class
1st Ken Chambers 726 – 15X
2nd Jordan Lundrigan 455
3rd Gavin Carlson 335

Sporter Class
1st Katelynn Jack 739 – 22X
2nd Jacques Choquette 727 – 15X
3rd Gavin Carlson 707 – 10X

Unlimited Class
1st Phil Nick 750 – 41X *Note: tied his own range record
2nd Grant Schick 750 – 40X
3rd Rod Jack 749 – 35X

Submitted by D. Cyr

Notice: Fire Ban in Area

Notice – The Pellatt area is now under a restricted fire zone.  The gongs on the rifle range are out of service until the ban has been lifted.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Dwayne Cyr
Rifle Chairman

Bill C-71 Stance

The position of the Board of Directors of Lake of the Woods Gun Club is that Bill C-71 will have
an adverse and detrimental effect on the recreational and sport shooting communities and our
members. As such, the Board of Directors of LWGC strongly opposes Bill C-71.
We call upon our members to become engaged and informed and express their opposition to
Bill C-71 to MP Bob Nault.
Also, please find time to sign this e petition and encourage as many people as possible to sign
it. With over 75,000 signatures, it is the second most signed petition ever.


Board of Directors LWGC

Spring 2018 – 100 Meter Score Match

Rifle Division Holds Spring 2018 100 Meter Score Match

Sixteen competitors attended the April 29th Hunter Bench Rest Match. The best part was the tailwind gusting to 50 k. It was strong enough to blow over wind flags. This had to be the most challenging 100-meter match yet as far as wind conditions. Hunter Calder from Fort Frances won Hunter Class with a borrowed rifle in his very first Benchrest competition. Also, Al Smith the old varmint hunter from a way back won Varmint Hunter Class with a rifle unfamiliar to him.

All scores out of 250 possible points.

Hunter Class
1st Hunter Calder 232 – 3X
2nd Rod MacDonell 216
3rd Brian Prouty 216

Varmint Hunter Class
1st Al Smith 230 – 3X
2nd Katelynn Jack 227
3rd Jacques Choquette 225

Varmint for Score/Open Class
1st Dwayne Cyr 249 – 5X
2nd Calvin Yanchycki 248 -13X
3rd Phil Nick 247 – 10X

Thanks to the competitors who traveled from near and far. Thanks to Rod Jack and family for pitching in with the PA system and barbequing and running targets. Thanks to Official Scorer Al Carlson who had a good handle on the scoring duties, and thanks to RSO Dave Neilan and the referees for helping run a smooth event.

Submitted by D. Cyr

Rifle Range Notice

Rifle Range Notice

The Rifle Range will be shut down Wednesday April 25th and Thursday April 26th from 0830 am until 430 pm account surveyors working down range.

Thank you,

Dwayne Cyr

Rifle Chairman

Championship medals for Wehner, Findlay

“Kenora’s Tim Wehner and Jennifer Findlay competed in the Calforex Cup in Red Deer, Alberta this past weekend, and have come home with medals around their neck.  ….   Wehner took the time to thank the Kenora Nordic and Biathlon Club, as well as the Lake of the Woods Gun Club for their support.”

Read the full article over at KenoraOnline.com!

Congratulations to Tim Wehner and Jennifer Findlay! 

Image courtesy of KenoraOnline.com

New Gate Lock

Locks at LWGC will be changed on Saturday morning February 3/2018. New keys can be obtained from Rod Macdonell by calling him at (807) 468-8342 and arranging a pick up time. Proof of current year (2018) membership is required. Key cost is $5.00

If you have an old key, Rod would appreciate you turning it in to him when you pick up your new key so he can recycle it and use it in the future.

Thanks for your cooperation in this


Annually, at this time of year since 2013, the Biathlon Division have groomed their trails and have commenced snow training. Training sessions normally last about 45 minutes.

The plan is to maintain a plowed road from the highway to the club house and provide ample parking.

The road leaving the Club House parking lot will be barricaded to vehicle traffic to protect the groomed Biathlon trail from damage.

Please walk on the left side of the groomed trail which is solid like a sidewalk for easy walking.

There will be a plastic snow boggan provided for hauling your equipment to the firing line to shoot.

Good luck to our Biathlon Division athletes. May they meet their goals in 2018 and I am looking forward to hearing about their successes and achievements in the media.

Thanks for your understanding.

Monday – Pistol has priority
Wednesday – Rifle has priority
Thursday afternoon – Biathlon has priority

All other days/times are on a first come first serve basis.

Dwayne Cyr

A Thank You

On behalf of myself, our children, and grandchildren, I would like to give a big thank you to the members of the LWGC that put this memorial shoot together in memory of Gord. He would have been very proud. What a great send off! We will all miss him.
Again, thank you and we wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and all the very best in 2018.

Leslie Dixon