Wounded Warriors

Wounded Warriors 2015 by Suzan Evanden Member of LOWGC

This video is about the Italy trip and is a great way to share the emotion. At about 2m 50sec., there is a photo of my family history book about Grandad (Thomas Henry Evenden) https://vimeo.com/176133204
This past June, with the help of my sponsors, including Lake of the Woods Gun Club, for Wounded Warriors BBR16 – The Italian Campaign. I raised $5,500.00. (Please note: I am responsible for my travel costs and trip expenses)
I completed by bicycle, the route my Grandad travelled during WWII. I want to share a few key elements of my experience, and what your sponsorship contributed and will continue to be part of.
Many of the riders are veterans of modern day conflicts, many are family members of these veterans. Many of the riders have PTSD.
I was able to ride with people who will go through life with the burden that their service to Canada has left them with.
What I observed was extreme emotion all across the scale. They experience extreme joy, anger, frustration and while viewing graves of soldiers who fell over 70 years ago, extreme sadness. I can only imagine; how exhausting life can be at time for our Veterans.
I learned lots. I learned to judge less, to remind myself to grant someone a little grace to be whatever they have to be.
I went to Italy to meet Grandad. When I was young, I didn’t view him kindly. He seems to always be angry, or that he just didn’t like us. I think, just like my fellow riders, who have experience war, my Grandad lived a life of extreme emotions.
The ride was difficult. The steep hills and deep ravines, unrelenting and stretching on for hours, stretched my emotions to their limit. But every difficulty I faced, Grandad had already faced, wearing heavy, wet woolen clothing and carrying all his gear on his person. I met my Grandad on these hills of Italy. I asked his help to make it. I apologized to him for whining mentally on many of the tougher hills. I sat and had meal, on the battlefield where Grandad spent Christmas Day 1943, I saw the gravestones of his friends, who didn’t survive that day.
This is what your donation dollars gave me.
Your donation dollars provide for our ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, First Responders, and their families.
I’ve registered for the 2017 Wounded Warriors Canada Battlefield Bike Ride – Vimy 100: Birth of a Nation. Next June I will cycle over 600kms to pay our respects to the Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice during WWI while raising funds and awareness in support of the life changing programs Wounded Warriors Canada provides for our ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, First Responders, and their families. 2017 is an historic year where we will commemorate 150 years since Confederation and the 100th anniversary of the Canadian victory at Vimy. Please consider supporting me as I work to help our Wounded Warriors!

See the video here!

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Lake of the Woods Gun Club Kenora Ont.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Lake of the Woods Gun Club shall be held at 7 pm on October 5th, 2016 at the main Clubhouse on Gun Club Road, Minaki Highway #596 for the transaction of business and affairs.

Nominations will be accepted by the Secretary for the following positions: a minimum of 10 Directors, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

Contact Secretary Bill Wickham 548 1141.

Thank you!!

The Lake of the Woods Gun Club wishes to express our gratitude to Degagne Construction for their generous support of the Club with a donation of a skilled operator and equipment to help us solve our problem. Some rocks are just too big to move by hand.

Thank you Luke and Gilbert!

In Memory

Robert (Bob) Cecil Sinfield

April 10, 1931-August 28, 2016

A long time resident of Kenora passed away peacefully on August 28th 2016 at the age of 85. Bob was a founding member of the Lake of the Woods Gun Club and remained active in the Club his entire life. Many know Bob from the several decades he taught Hunter Safety. He shared his love of reloading by teaching others the craft. He was an avid fisherman and outdoorsman and belonged to several conservation groups. One of Bob’s many contributions to our Club was the Steak Draw Fundraiser which funded our Junior Shooters Program. The juniors who participated in the program received a foundation of safe gun handling, marksmanship and wing shooting skills that stay with them for life.  Bob will be remembered for his perspective on life, his great sense of humor and way with words. His name will be added to the Departed Members Plaque on display in the main club house.


On the weekend of September 24th – 25th 2016 the Lake of the Woods Gun Club Rifle Range will be open to the general public for sighting in hunting rifles.

Someone will be there to assist you if you require it.

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Fee: $10.00 per person

Members are free.

Place: Lake of the Woods Gun Club

Gun Club Road HWY 596

For more information, call Jacques Choquette 548-5936

200 Meter Center Fire Match

Rifle Division Holds 200 Meter Center Fire Score Match August 28.,2016

Our last match of 2016 was attended by 17 shooters. It was cool, overcast and gloomy in the morning making it hard to see bullet holes. The afternoon was clear and hot. Club member Brian Prouty shot in 2 classes and put on an exhibition of precision bench rest pistol shooting in Open Class with his scoped Remington XP100 in 7mm08. His score with a pistol was higher than the 3rd place in Hunter Class with a rifle. His aggregate score for 25 bulls was in the 4 inch 7 ring on a 200-meter rifle target for 25 shots. Two American visitors drove up from Sioux Narrows to compete and Bob Stubblefield won Varmint for Score/Open Class. Gavin Carlson set a new Varmint Hunter Class range record breaking Donovan Jack’s old record by 2 points.

Hunter Class

1st Brian Prouty            210/250
2nd Chris Olson             208/250
3rd Ken Chambers        179/250   2X

Varmint Hunter Class

1st Gavin Carlson            239/250
2nd Donovan Jack           238/250    3X
3rd Hellene Rannou        231/250

Varmint for Score/Open Class

1st Bob Stubblefield       247/250   2X
2nd Matt Cyr                    243/250   3X
3rd Dwayne Cyr               243/250   1X

Submitted by Dwayne Cyr

Rimfire Bench Rest Match Results

Lake of the Woods Gun Club Kenora Holds July 31st Rim Fire Bench Rest Match

The match was well attended with 17 shooters from Sioux Lookout, Dryden, Emo, Oak Bank, Brandon and Kenora. The weather was hot with plus 27C temperatures without the humidex. The wind was gusty at times making for some interesting wind flag action.

Semi Auto Class

1st Ken Chambers 722 19X
2nd Brian Prouty 709 15X
3rd Spencer King 683 15X

Sporter Class

1st Donovan Jack 741 25X
2nd Matt Cyr 739 26X
3rd Katelynn Jack 735 19X

Unlimited Class

1st Rod Jack 748 35X
2nd Phil Nick 748 35X
3rd Ron McDaniel 747 24X

Special thanks to the following people:                                                                                                    Al Carlson for doing an excellent job scoring so I could shoot

Rod Jack for doing an excellent job barbequing

All the competitors who travelled on busy highways to attend

All the volunteers who pitched in for the set up and clean up.

Submitted by Dwayne Cyr