200 Meter Benchrest Match Results

Rifle Division Holds 200 Meter Benchrest Match August 26, 2018

The last match of the season was attended by 17 shooters under sunny skies with a switchy
NNW to NNE head wind that sometimes blew from all directions.

Hunter Class
1st Brian Prouty 209-1X
2nd Ken Chambers 192-1X
3rd competitor pulled out with equipment failure.

Varmint Hunter Class
1st Gavin Carlson 235-1X
2nd Rod Jack 232-2X
3rd Donovan Jack 225-1X

Varmint for Score/Open Class
1st Dwayne Cyr 248-5X
2nd Calvin Yanchycki 247-5X
3rd Dan Luce 246-4X

Special thanks to competitors who traveled from near and far to support LWGC rifle Division
events in 2018. And thanks to all the volunteers who help run the events.
Official Scorer: Al Carlson
Barbeque chef and audio system: Rod Jack family
Range Safety Officer: Dave Neilan
Target crew: Phil Nick
Referees: Rod Jack, Calvin Yanchycki, Dave Neilan

Submitted by D. Cyr Rifle Chairman

Notice – Pistol Shooters

Please note that the Pistol Range in use sign has been relocated.
The sign is now to be utilized by both pistol ranges.
Work on the second pistol range is still in progress, further signage, matting and berm work to continue.

Rimfire Benchrest Match Results

July 29th, fifteen competitors gathered at LWGC Rifle Range. Wind conditions were moderate with temperatures reaching 28C.

Semi Auto Class

1st Ken Chambers 726 – 24X
2nd Al Cardinal 701 – 16X
3rd Brian Prouty 651 – 6X

Note: Ken Chambers is undefeated winning SA class 6 consecutive times since May 2016.

Sporter Class

1st Katelyn Jack 740 – 28X
2nd Brian Prouty 731 – 24X
3rd Hunter 699 – 18X

Note: Katelyn shot the first 250 target ever in Sporter Class and has the most X dots ever shot in a match in this class. Generally, only the Unlimited Class guns are capable of a 250 target. And she did it with a Savage MkII.

Unlimited Class

1st Rod Jack 750 – 42X  * New Range Record.
2nd Grant Schick 749 – 36X
3rd Lawrence 749 – 31X

Note: Rod Jack broke Phil Nick’s range record which stood since 2012. And he did it with a gun made in 1956.

The Rifle Division thanks the competitors who traveled from near and far. Also, thanks to the volunteers: The Jack family for barbequing lunch, the Range Officers, Referees, Official Scorers, Target Crew and everybody else that helped with set up and take down.

Submitted by D. Cyr

500 Meter Benchrest Match Results

Lake of the Woods Gun Club Rifle Division held our second invitational 500-meter Benchrest match Saturday June 30th.

Rank by Group Aggregate
1st Phil Nick 2.6125” best 5 shot group 1.5”
2nd Matt Cyr 3.55”
3rd Dwayne Cyr 3.65”

Rank by Score
1st Phil Nick 233/250 three X, highest single target score 50/50 one X
2nd Donovan Jack 226/250 four X (49)
3rd Dwayne Cyr 226/250 four X (48)

Overall Combined
1st Phil Nick
2nd Dwayne Cyr
3rd Donovan Jack

Thanks to Official Scorer Al Carlson, Range Safety Officer David Neilan, Official Barbequer Rod

Submitted by D. Cyr

Short Range Metallic Match

Rifle Division Holds Short Range Metallic Silhouette Match

June 24th ten shooters contested 3 categories. Steel targets were shot offhand from the standing position with no rests.
The course of fire consisted of 5 steel chickens at 60 meters, 5 pigs at 100 meters, 5 turkeys at 150 meters, and 5 ram sheep at 200 meters.
Shooters had the option of shooting 40 targets and count the best score out of 20 targets.
It was a hoot. Thanks to Jacques and Hellene for running an excellent event.

Scoped Rifle
1st Dwayne Cyr 14/20
2nd Jacques Choquette 13/20
3rd Al Mutch 12/20

Open Sight Rifle
1st Jacques Choquette 14/20
2nd Bob Condo 12/20

Cowboy Rifle
1st Rick Cyncora 8/20
2nd Jacques Choquette 7/20
3rd Bob Condo 2/20

Submitted by D. Cyr


After almost 6 years of carrying a heavy load as Membership Chairman, Pistol Co-Chairman, assisting with training, construction, club maintenance and many other jobs, Eric Liznick is stepping back to take time to enjoy life. Eric’s tenure has contributed to the growth and prosperity of LWGC.

We, the Board of Directors and members wish to extend our thanks and gratitude to Eric for all his hard work and devotion to the Club.

Susan Evenden, has graciously agreed to take over as Membership Chairman from Eric. Please welcome Susan as our new Membership Chairman.

The full transition will likely take until September. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Dwayne Cyr

Action Shooting

Notice of schedule change.

Due to the expected poor weather Saturday 2nd June, the scheduled Pistol Action shoot has been moved to the next day, Sunday 3rd.

Rimfire Benchrest Match

Rifle Division Rimfire Benchrest Match Results

On Sunday May 27 th seventeen competitors gathered on the LWGC Rifle Range in a test of small bore accuracy and precision. Mild readable breezes resulted in high scores.

Semi Auto Class
1st Ken Chambers 726 – 15X
2nd Jordan Lundrigan 455
3rd Gavin Carlson 335

Sporter Class
1st Katelynn Jack 739 – 22X
2nd Jacques Choquette 727 – 15X
3rd Gavin Carlson 707 – 10X

Unlimited Class
1st Phil Nick 750 – 41X *Note: tied his own range record
2nd Grant Schick 750 – 40X
3rd Rod Jack 749 – 35X

Submitted by D. Cyr

Notice: Fire Ban in Area

Notice – The Pellatt area is now under a restricted fire zone.  The gongs on the rifle range are out of service until the ban has been lifted.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Dwayne Cyr
Rifle Chairman