Kenora Scores Again !

This weekend the Benchrest Shooters of Canada held their 2019 Provincials in Selkirk, Both Phil Nick and Dwayne Cyr from LWGC attended the event. Kenora shooters have won the competition for the last 3 years and 2019 was no exception !

Congratulations to Dwayne Cyr for winning the overall competition and to Phil Nick for top 4 placement.

2 Gun Winner and defending Provincial Champion Dwayne Cyr (right) being presented the 2 Gun plaque by Grant Schick.

July 28, 2019 Rimfire Benchrest Match Results

19 shooters vied for bragging rights with wind gusting to 46 kph. No range records were in danger.

Semi Auto Class
1st Ron McDaniel 722 – 17X
2nd Ken Chambers 714 – 19X
3rd Donovan Jack 695 – 10X

Unlimited Class
1st Calvin Yanchycki 747 – 37X
2nd Lawrence Zebier 747 – 35X
3rd Phil Nick 746 – 34X
Note: 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th places all had 746 points but are ranked by most X dots.

Sporter Class
1st Rod Macdonell 731 – 24X
2nd Katelyn Jack 729 – 11X
3rd Al Mutch 727 – 11X

Thanks to Official Scorer Al Carlson, referees Al, Grant and Lawrence, Target Detail Phil, Official Barbequer Rod Jack, and all the other volunteers who pitched in for set up and take down. 

Submitted by Dwayne Cyr.

Results of 2019 Biannual Range Inspection

Saturday July 20th, CFO Inspectors Jeff Barnes and Rob Andrews conducted a scheduled inspection of LWGC ranges and property. Four of the five ranges passed inspection with no issues. Range #5 the New Action Range has a short list items  be added or installed within 30 days to allow the range to be used. Thanks to the volunteers who worked tirelessly to groom and maintain the ranges and thanks to the members for their understanding while ranges were closed for backhoe work and target frames were rebuilt.

Dwayne Cyr
Range Operator

Range Closure

Please note that the Pistol and Rifle Ranges will be closed for shooting this Saturday and Sunday for maintenance. 13-14th July

Range Closure

Please note that all ranges will be closed for the day, due to the bi-annual CFO Range Inspection. Saturday 20th July.

500 Meter Benchrest Match Results

Lake of the Woods Gun Club Rifle Division held our third invitational 500-meter Benchrest Match Sunday June 30th.

Rank by Group Aggregate
1st Burt Bastien 2.6264”, best 5 shot group .984” new range record
2nd Phil Nick 2.7268”
3rd Matt Cyr 3.2872”

Rank by Score
1st Phil Nick 240/250 four X, new range record
2nd Burt Bastien 237/250
3rd Matt Cyr 233, two X

Overall Combined
1st Phil Nick
2nd Burt Bastien
3rd Matt Cyr

Thanks to Official Scorers Al Carlson and Grant Schick, Target Crew Donovan Jack and Gavin Carlson, Official Barbequer Rod Jack.
Submitted by D. Cyr

Short Range Metallic Match

Rifle Division Holds Short Range Metallic Silhouette Match

June 23rd – Nine shooters including 2 from out of town contested 3 categories. Steel targets were shot offhand from the standing position with no rests.
The course of fire consisted of 5 steel chickens at 60 meters, 5 pigs at 100 meters, 5 turkeys at 150 meters, and 5 ram sheep at 200 meters.
Shooters had the option of shooting 40 targets and count the best score out of 20 targets. Weather was nice and the match was a hoot. Thanks to Jacques and Hellene for running an excellent event.

Scoped Rifle with Cast Bullets
1st Jack Roberts 18/20
2nd Al Mutch 12/20

Open Sight Rifle with Cast Bullets
1st Jacques Choquette 14/20
2nd Jack Roberts 8/20

Cowboy Rifle
1st Dwayne Cyr 15/20
2nd Jacques Choquette 12/20

Submitted by D. Cyr