Notice of Annual General Meeting of Members

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Lake of the Woods Gun Club shall be held at 7 pm on October 2nd, 2013 at the main Clubhouse on Gun Club Road, Minaki Highway #596 for the transaction of business and affairs.

Nominations will be accepted by the Secretary for the following positions: a minimum of 10 Directors, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

Contact Acting Secretary Art Ladd 548-4858.

Attention Hunters!

Saturday/Sunday September 21st, 22nd 2013

The Lake of the Woods Gun Club Rifle Range will be open to the general public to sight in your hunting rifle.  Someone will be there to assist you if you require it.

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Fee: $10.00 per person
Place: Lake of the Woods Gun Club
Gun Club Road HWY 596

For more information call Dwayne at 548 1024

Hunter Benchrest Match – 200 Meter

Rifle Division – August 25th 2013, 200 Meter Hunter Benchrest Match

 The weather was hot, rising to 33 degrees Celsius without the humidex. But that did not deter 13 shooters from attending, including Calvin Yanchycki, President of Benchrest Shooters Canada, reigning 2013 Canadian Nationals Benchrest Champion in aggregate for smallest 5 shot group and winner of the 2013 Manitoba Provincials. Calvin made the 4 ½ hour trek from Brandon to attend our Benchrest for score match.

Hunter Class

First Place Ken Chambers 215 with 3 X’s
Second Place Al Cardinal 200
Third Place Rod Jack 198

Varmint Hunter Class

First Place Barry Marciniac 225 with 1 X
Second Place Brian Prouty 203
Third place Gil Pelletier 185

Varmint for Score/Open Class

First place Dwayne Cyr 247 with 6 X’s
Second place Calvin Yanchycki 246 with 4 X’s
Third place Phil Nick 242 with 5 X’s

Thanks to Sheila Collier for the barbequed lunch, thanks to the volunteers and competitors who came out to support the Club.

D. Cyr

Rifle Division – July 28th Rimfire Benchrest Match

Attended by 16 competitors from Kenora, Emo and Dryden, conditions were sunny warm and breezy settling down to calm in the afternoon.

Semi Auto

First Place Al Cardinal 704, 11X
Second Place Ken Chambers 642, 9X


First Place Matt Cyr 726, 19X
Second Place Donovan Jack 713, 13X
Third Place Rod Jack 708, 6X


First Place Phil Nick 742, 27X
Second Place Dwayne Cyr 740, 24X
Third Place Al Bisset 739, 22X

There were a few high points that made the day very interesting. 13 year old Donovan Jack from Emo really beared down on his last target, scoring 243 which boosted him into second place in Sporter class ahead of his dad and the other adults.

Katelynn Jack - 12yr old

Picture 1 of 4

A couple of shooters who rarely compete showed up with some serious equipment and made for an interesting 4 way battle in Unlimited Class. The lead changed hands with every target shot but in the end Phil prevailed.

A big thank you to the competitors who came out to support the Club and the Division thanks all the volunteers who performed their duties during the match to make it a success.

Our next match is a 200 meter Hunter Benchrest match August 25th.


Official Range Invitation

Notice:  To other gun club members who wish to participate in Lake of
The Woods Gun Club shoots and competitions. The Lake of The Woods Gun
Club “Range Invitation” is now available for downloading in the clubs
Pistol section.

Zombie Shoot is on this Saturday!

Tickets $25.00 participant, $40.00 family.
.22 rifle/handgun or .410 shotgun allowed.
You can bring your own guns and ammunition. We can supply some guns, bring your own ammo or we can supply some for a small fee.
T-shirts and badges for sale.
Hot dogs and pop will be available.
All of this depends on the weather. (Zombies are terrified of the rain and won’t come out! They don’t even bathe for gosh sakes!)
Time for the shoot is 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
See you there!

Zombie Update!

Updated with new date!
The time has come my friends. The zombies that escaped from Alberta have arrived in our area and now is a call to arms to deal with the situation.
Two zombies were spotted hitchhiking through Manitoba last week and are presumed in our area. The ringleader of the gang, and the third in the trio was spotted at our gun club on two occasions and once at one of our long time member/executives home on Tetro Road.
The threat appears real and this is a call to our members and the general public to deal with this issue.
Saturday July 13, at 11:00am is showdown time. This will happen at the hand gun division range. Members and the general public are invited. Range Safety Officers will be in attendance and all are invited. Even if you have never fired or handled a firearm an Instructor will guide you through the shooting process.
More info to come!