July 27, 2014 Rimfire Benchrest Results

Sporter Class

1 Donovan Jack 970/1000
2 Katelyn Jack   958/1000
3 Rod Jack         957/1000

Unlimited Class

1 Phil Nick           999/1000
2 Ted Biggs         992/1000
3 Ron Pettigrew   980/1000

Semi-Auto Class

1 Ken Chambers 948/1000
2 Al Cardinal       923/1000
3 Bill Gabryluk   917/1000

The Jack family from Emo put on a shooting seminar making a clean sweep of Sporter class taking all the awards.

In Unlimited class Phil Nick hit the 10 ring on 99 out of 100 bulls and only dropped one 9.

D. Cyr

IPSC Match Results – July 12th

I will be posting a video soon as well so stay tuned!
July 12, 2014 – Match Results – Combined
Place Name Division PF Match Pts Match %
1 Bulmer, Andrew Ltd MAJOR 316.2387 100.000 %
2 Dobinson, Greg Ltd MAJOR 286.0432 90.452 %
3 Miclash, Kris Prd MINOR 173.9288 54.999 %
4 Williams, Peter Prd MINOR 136.9888 43.318 %


Short Range/Cowboy Metallic Silhouette Match

Rifle Division Holds Short Range/Cowboy Metallic Silhouette Match June 29th 2014

Attended by 9 shooters (some shot in 2 – 3 categories)

8 Telescopic Rifle

4 Open Sight

4 Cowboy Silhouette

Telescopic Rifle

1st Place Ken Chambers 14

2nd Place Helene Rannou 12

Open Sight Rifle

1st  Place Jacques Choquette 9

2nd Place Brian Prouty 7

Cowboy Silhouette

1st Place Rod MacDonell 7

2nd Place Brian Prouty 6


It was sunny but very windy all day. After the shoot it poured rain while we gave out the trophies.

We had 3 prizes to draw for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places.

Ken Chambers – grinder disc

Brian Prouty – knife

Rod MacDonell – multi tool.

– Helene Rannou

June 1st Rimfire Benchrest Match

June 1, 2014 Rimfire Benchrest Results

Sporter Class

1 Rod MacDonell   733 15X

2 Katelyn Jack        720 14X

3 Donovan Jack     677 9X

Unlimited Class

1 Ted Biggs          745 22X

2 Burt Bastien     733 9X

3 Ron Pettigrew  725 20X

Semi Auto Class

1 Ron McDaniels 729 12X

2 Al Cardinal         722 11X

3 Bill Gabryluk      695 10X

Attended by 15 shooters, it was a nice day for a barbeque.

Ron McDaniels from Winnipeg set a new range record in Semi Auto class in his first Rimfire Benchrest match in Kenora.

D. Cyr


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Opening Handgun BBQ / Shoot

The Handgun division will be having a BBQ and fun shoot next Monday, June 9th at 6pm.  There will be burgers, hotdogs, chips and pop available for a $5 donation.  Come out and have some fun!  If the weather is poor the event will still be on but we will be eating in the clubhouse.

Impressive Shooting!

Below is the first ever 50 target score shot in Hunter or Varmint Hunter class competition in Club history!  Congratulations to one of our youngest members Donovan Jack – an impressive feat with a factory rifle!


Rifle Division Holds Spring Match

May 18th the L.O.W.G.C Rifle Division held our 100 meter Score match albeit three weeks late due to the winter that wouldn’t end. The weather cooperated with mild conditions, a mix of sun and cloud and moderate winds. 14 keen competitors vied for bragging rights in 3 classes. To give an idea of the degree of difficulty, you get 25 tries to hit a half inch 10 ring at 109 yards.

Hunter Class

First Place Rod Jack               220/250   .308

Second Place Bill Gabryluk  192/250    7mm08

Third Place Spencer King     147/250    .30/06

Varmint Hunter Class 

First Place Jacques Choquette  237/250 (3x)    .222

Second Place Donovan Jack      236/250 (2x)    .223

Third Place Hellene Rannou      231/250 (2x)   .223

Varmint for Score/Open Class

First Place Matt Cyr         250/250 (8x)       6 PPC

Second Place Phil Nick    249/250 (11x)    30 BR

Third Place Dwayne Cyr 249/250 (8x)       6 PPC

There were some real three way horse races in Varmint Hunter and Varmint for Score/Open Classes with the outcome contested right down to the last target.

Three new Club range records were set. 14 year old Donovan Jack shot the first 50 score target in competition in Varmint Hunter Class with an unfamiliar rifle.

Also in Varmint Hunter Class Jacques Choquette set a new aggregate score of 237/250 beating the previous record by 14 points.

In Varmint for Score/Open class Matt Cyr made no mistakes and shot clean with 250 points out of a possible 250 points.

Good shooting! Thanks to the shooters and volunteers who helped make it a memorable day.

D. Cyr

Attention Benchrest Shooters

Our Sunday April 27th 100 meter Hunter Benchrest match will be postponed until a later date due to our record breaking winter. Shooters will be notified of the new date by phone, after the road is opened.  Thanks!

Immediate Action Needed: Reclassification and Prohibition of Firearms by the RCMP.

Last week, without Parliamentary input, the RCMP unilaterally reclassified two types of rifles. All Swiss Arms and most models of the CZ858 are now prohibited. This affects approximately 12,000 members in the firearms community and represents anywhere between 10 and 15 million dollars of private property.

We urge you to act on this immediately.  Please contact our Member of Parliament, the Minister of Public Safety, the Minister of Justice and the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper. (No postage required) Tell them the reclassification by the RCMP is unacceptable.  The current Firearms Act is biased against responsible Canadian Sportsmen.

Please be polite.

1)      It is completely unacceptable for the RCMP to make ordinary Canadians into criminals by quietly reclassifying and prohibiting legally obtained properties without any input from the stakeholders and independent 3rd parties.

2)      The way firearms are classified and prohibited is deeply flawed.

3)      The current firearms act is highly discriminating against sportsmen and modern semi-automatic sporting firearms. The government needs to recognize that semi-automatic modern sporting rifles are a popular choice of Canadian Sportsmen.


Contact info for Greg Rickford

Contact info for Minister of Public Safety

Contact info for Minister of Justice

Contact info for Prime Minister