Welcome to Lake of The Woods Pistol Section
Due to recent changes in the wording of the current ATT, it is now
necessary for anyone who is traveling from another gun club to the
Lake of The Woods Gun Club to have an invitation to participate in ATT
related competitions, matches and shoots. Please click on the link below
in order to download your copy of the Range Invitation. Just fill in
your name and the competition date and bring the form with you.

Range Invitation



Fellow Handgun Member;

Prior to September 2/2015, the Ontario Chief Firearms Office (CFO) required members to take a  Club Level Handgun Safety Course in order to obtain a long term Authorization To Transport (ATT) in order to bring their handgun from their home to the range and back. The member participation in the Safety Course was verified by two (2) members of the Board of Directors who signed as references when the members ATT was applied for.

Since the passing of Bill C-42 on September 2/2015, the conditions for obtaining a long term ATT have changed.  Either 5 conditions or 6 conditions were automatically electronically added to the RPAL of holders who met certain criteria. The 6th condition is the ability to transport a Restricted Firearm to/from an approved shooting range by the most direct route. If the RPAL holder did not possess a long term ATT as of Sept 2/15, then this condition was not added and has to be requested from the CFO’s office by the member.

Therefore, the LWGC requires all members who want to use the Handgun Range to possess an RPAL and to have taken the Club Level Safety Course. New members or members who have not previously taken this Safety Course will be required to do so at the Handgun Range. This will be a scaled down version of the previous ATT course and focus on Safe Firearm Handling, Rule Verification, Site Familiarization, and Practical Target Shooting.”

After completing this Course, which will take 1 to 2 hrs, a new Membership Card will be issued, stating that the holder has taken the Club Level Safety Course. The member can then request of the CFO’s office to add the 6th condition to the holders RPAL.

Note: Any new member of the Handgun Division who does not possess an RPAL and has not taken this Club Level Safety Course will not be allowed to use their restricted firearms at the Handgun Range.”


Please call Rod MacDonell at (807) 468-8342 or email at  rcmacdonell@shaw.ca  to arrange a date and time, weather permitting.

Thank You

Eric Liznick

Membership & Pistol Co-chairman