July 30th 2017 Rimfire Benchrest Match Results

Eighteen shooters attended, some traveled considerable distances. It was a hot day reaching 30
degrees with no wind in the morning and mild readable breezes in afternoon. The lack of wind produced some very high scores in all classes.

In Semi Auto Class, Ron McDaniel’s 2014 record fell to Ken Chambers who raised the range
record by 6 points. In Unlimited Class Ron Pettigrew shot patiently and defensively, taking no chances, using all the time allowed to shoot clean and tie the existing range record set by Phil Nick in 2012. Sporter Class had the potential to reset the range record but luck and other factors intervened.

Congratulations to the winners. It was interesting to watch the tight five-way horse races unfold
and the animated reactions to dropped shots from dirty barrels, inconsistent ammo and mysterious unexplained invisible anomalies.

Semi Auto Class

1st Ken Chambers 735 – 18X * New Range Record
2nd Al Cardinal 721 – 13X
3rd Brian Prouty 688 – 15X

Sporter Class

1st Matt Cyr 740 – 23X
2nd Brian Prouty 738 – 25X
3rd Katelyn Jack 738 – 18X

Unlimited Class

1st Ron Pettigrew 750 – 41X
2nd Rod Jack 749 – 40X
3rd Grant Schick 749 – 30X

Special thanks to the Jack family for putting on a great barbeque and feeding us lunch.
Thanks to the volunteers who ran targets, helped score, acted as line safety officers and referees. And thanks to the shooters in all classes for the quality of competition they bring to our matches.

Dwayne Cyr

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