Immediate Action Needed: Reclassification and Prohibition of Firearms by the RCMP.

Last week, without Parliamentary input, the RCMP unilaterally reclassified two types of rifles. All Swiss Arms and most models of the CZ858 are now prohibited. This affects approximately 12,000 members in the firearms community and represents anywhere between 10 and 15 million dollars of private property.

We urge you to act on this immediately.  Please contact our Member of Parliament, the Minister of Public Safety, the Minister of Justice and the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper. (No postage required) Tell them the reclassification by the RCMP is unacceptable.  The current Firearms Act is biased against responsible Canadian Sportsmen.

Please be polite.

1)      It is completely unacceptable for the RCMP to make ordinary Canadians into criminals by quietly reclassifying and prohibiting legally obtained properties without any input from the stakeholders and independent 3rd parties.

2)      The way firearms are classified and prohibited is deeply flawed.

3)      The current firearms act is highly discriminating against sportsmen and modern semi-automatic sporting firearms. The government needs to recognize that semi-automatic modern sporting rifles are a popular choice of Canadian Sportsmen.


Contact info for Greg Rickford

Contact info for Minister of Public Safety

Contact info for Minister of Justice

Contact info for Prime Minister

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