Zombie Update!

Updated with new date!
The time has come my friends. The zombies that escaped from Alberta have arrived in our area and now is a call to arms to deal with the situation.
Two zombies were spotted hitchhiking through Manitoba last week and are presumed in our area. The ringleader of the gang, and the third in the trio was spotted at our gun club on two occasions and once at one of our long time member/executives home on Tetro Road.
The threat appears real and this is a call to our members and the general public to deal with this issue.
Saturday July 13, at 11:00am is showdown time. This will happen at the hand gun division range. Members and the general public are invited. Range Safety Officers will be in attendance and all are invited. Even if you have never fired or handled a firearm an Instructor will guide you through the shooting process.
More info to come!

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