Zombie Alert!

Recent Zombie sightings were reported in Alberta in the last few weeks and I was dispatched by the Zombie Alert Squad to investigate the occurrences.
My report is as follows.
At the end of April, Zombies were reportedly seen in the Edmonton, Alberta area. Since these are my old stomping grounds I was called upon to investigate these sightings. The Genesee Gun Range had an incident where Zombies had been spotted right on the gun range and were causing havoc and mayhem out on the range floor. Members were called out on a weekend to help eradicate the Zombie horde. Much ammunition was used and the blitz lasted for hours, requiring many reloads and volleys fired down range at the Zombies. Range safety officers were in attendance and hot dogs and hamburgers were available for the members to replenish themselves as the day wore on. The shoot was a success, however some Zombies escaped and were last seen heading east in our direction!
In a few days I will update the situation and let you all know the status of the missing Zombies. If you do encounter a Zombie, remain calm and let any of the executive know. We may be called upon to remedy the situation if the Zombies do show up in our area. I will keep you updated. Please watch this site for more information.
Gil Pelletier

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