LWGC Closure Update

To all members.

To keep you all up to date on club status, here is the latest update:

The Ontario Provincial Government has extended all emergency orders that have been put in place to date under the emergency management and civil protection act.

The order has been extended until May 19th from May 12th.

The government has been opening business in stages and hopefully we will be on deck soon.

With the weather warming we all want to get out and do some shooting, the range operator and myself have been keeping eye on spring thaw and doing the little things to have the range ready to go.

Now…With the latest shot fired by our PM concerning the firearm ban, we must keep ourselves aware of as much as we can, please do not believe in all the rumours, do some reading to keep yourself up to date, please do not take any chances if you are unsure of the rulings.

We must remain calm and not go off half cocked. At this point I do not believe anyone has a clear definition of what all the banning means, I have seen different definitions from different groups.

There are many firearm organizations that are taking actions to repeal or defeat this ban that has been forced on us, so sign a petition, talk to your MP and let them know how it affects you as a legal gun owner and club member.

I would like to thank all the members of the Lake of the Woods Gun club for supporting your club and being patience with all the things that have been going on.

Solidarity will keep us strong.


Steve Zabloski President LWGC

On behalf of The Lake of the Woods Gun Club Board of Directors

Lake of the Woods Gun Club is a 100% volunteer run organization

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