New Firearm legislation

For All firearm owners

As gun owners, shooters and hunters, it is in all our best interests to have our opinions and wishes acted upon by our elected officials, regarding the majority of Firearm laws, supposedly put in place to “protect the public”.

Our current Prime Minister recently took it upon himself to ban current legally owned firearms, mostly semi-automatic rifles (some of which have been only allowed for target shooting since 1977) and firearms with a bore diameter larger than 20mm.

This will effect 1000’s of legal and licensed firearms owners, including target shooters and hunters.

Most modern 12-gauge and 10-gauge shotguns in Canada with removable chokes will likely fall into this ban because they exceed the maximum bore diameter of 20 mm as defined in SOR/2020-96.

This ban has been put into place utilizing an Order in Council which seems very undemocratic and underhand.

Traditionally, Orders in Council are used as a way for the Prime Minister to make political appointments, but they can also be used to issue simple laws as a sort of decree. In times of emergency, a government may issue legislation directly through Orders in Council, forgoing the usual parliamentary procedure. Orders-in-Council are not discussed by Parliament before they have been implemented.

We (The Lake of the Woods Gun Club Board of Directors) feel that it would be in your best interest to have your voices heard in opposition to this action.

To do this, you can read and sign a Parliamentary Petition asking that this order be revoked.

Please consider adding your signature to this petition.
For further details and signing:

Please feel free to email myself or our Club President with your questions or concerns.

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