Message to LOW Gun Club Members

As of March 7th, 2013 your board of directors has passed a motion to cancel the requirement to attend a yearly compulsory shooting event to maintain your A.T.T. You MUST, however, sign the register that is inside the building. If your name does not appear in the registry book at least once during the year, you will be contacted by the board of directors to find out why you have become inactive or if you cannot get out to enjoy our facility.

The board of directors passed a further resolution regarding the cancellation of A.T.T.’s. An A.T.T. can only be revoked by the board of directors for non payment of dues, a serious safety infraction, or failure to renew your firearms licence.

If any member has questions regarding these changes please contact Gil Pelletier, Handgun Division chair, at 465-5978 or Al Cardinal, President, at 543-3538.

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