Short Range Metallic Match

Rifle Division Holds Short Range Metallic Silhouette Match

June 23rd – Nine shooters including 2 from out of town contested 3 categories. Steel targets were shot offhand from the standing position with no rests.
The course of fire consisted of 5 steel chickens at 60 meters, 5 pigs at 100 meters, 5 turkeys at 150 meters, and 5 ram sheep at 200 meters.
Shooters had the option of shooting 40 targets and count the best score out of 20 targets. Weather was nice and the match was a hoot. Thanks to Jacques and Hellene for running an excellent event.

Scoped Rifle with Cast Bullets
1st Jack Roberts 18/20
2nd Al Mutch 12/20

Open Sight Rifle with Cast Bullets
1st Jacques Choquette 14/20
2nd Jack Roberts 8/20

Cowboy Rifle
1st Dwayne Cyr 15/20
2nd Jacques Choquette 12/20

Submitted by D. Cyr

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