2nd Annual Gord Dixon Memorial Shoot

The second annual Gord Dixon memorial shoot was held on Sept 30th at the club.
It was a fun day where participants shot 3 disciplines – 50 sporting clays… 50 single trap and 50 double trap. These 3 disciplines were some of Gords favorites. A BBQ lunch was enjoyed by all.

Awards were given out for the top shooter in each discipline and also high combined score for all 3 disciplines.

Top shooter in sporting clays was Ron Pedigrew scoring 40/50
Top shooter in single trap was Kevin Holder scoring 42/50
Top shooter in double trap was Steve Zabloski scoring 35/50
Steve also got high overall score in the 3 disciplines with 110/150

The wind on this day humbled all the shooters as the clays were doing some dancing in the wind. Everyone had a great time and a good chuckle watching the clays in the wind.

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