Rimfire Benchrest Match

Rifle Division Rimfire Benchrest Match Results

On Sunday May 27 th seventeen competitors gathered on the LWGC Rifle Range in a test of small bore accuracy and precision. Mild readable breezes resulted in high scores.

Semi Auto Class
1st Ken Chambers 726 – 15X
2nd Jordan Lundrigan 455
3rd Gavin Carlson 335

Sporter Class
1st Katelynn Jack 739 – 22X
2nd Jacques Choquette 727 – 15X
3rd Gavin Carlson 707 – 10X

Unlimited Class
1st Phil Nick 750 – 41X *Note: tied his own range record
2nd Grant Schick 750 – 40X
3rd Rod Jack 749 – 35X

Submitted by D. Cyr

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