Bill C-71 Stance

The position of the Board of Directors of Lake of the Woods Gun Club is that Bill C-71 will have an adverse and detrimental effect on the recreational and sport shooting communities and our members. As such, the Board of … Continue reading

New Gate Lock

Locks at LWGC will be changed on Saturday morning February 3/2018. New keys can be obtained from Rod Macdonell by calling him at (807) 468-8342 and arranging a pick up time. Proof of current year (2018) membership is required. Key cost is … Continue reading


Annually, at this time of year since 2013, the Biathlon Division have groomed their trails and have commenced snow training. Training sessions normally last about 45 minutes. The plan is to maintain a plowed road from the highway to the … Continue reading

A Thank You

On behalf of myself, our children, and grandchildren, I would like to give a big thank you to the members of the LWGC that put this memorial shoot together in memory of Gord. He would have been very proud. What … Continue reading

In Memory

In Memory PIGEON, Joseph Clement Philippe (CLEM) – 78, of Kenora, ON passed away unexpectedly at Lake of the Woods District Hospital on Wednesday, October 18, 2017. Clem was one of ten community members, from all walks of life, who … Continue reading