Due to the unbelievably warm fall weather we have had an extended shooting season for Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Archery.

The arrival of enough snow for skiing signals the start of Biathlon season and the Biathlon Division will be grooming their trails and commencing on snow training.

The plan is to maintain a plowed road from the highway to the club house and provide ample parking.

The road leaving the Club House parking lot will be barricaded to vehicle traffic to protect the groomed Biathlon trail from damage.

Please walk on the left side of the groomed trail which should set up solid like a sidewalk for easy walking.

There will be a plastic snow boggan provided for hauling your equipment to the firing line to shoot.

Good luck to the Biathlon Division athletes. May they meet their goals in 2016 and I am looking forward to hearing about their achievements in the media.

Thanks for your understanding.

Monday – Pistol has priority

Wednesday – Rifle has priority

Thursday afternoon – Biathlon has priority

All other days/times are on a first come first serve basis.

Dwayne Cyr

IPSC Course Cancelled

The IPSC Black Badge course scheduled for this weekend (Oct 3-4th) has been cancelled and will be rescheduled for Spring 2016.  Watch for specific dates at that time.

The Pistol Range Is Open!

The Pistol Range backstop work has been completed and the Pistol Range is open for use. The CFO has approved it for 50 meter handgun shooting.

Finnished Backstop

Thank you for your patience.

Dwayne Cyr
Range Operator

Notice of Annual General Meeting of Members

Lake of the Woods Gun Club Kenora, ON

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Lake of the Woods Gun Club shall be held at 7 pm on October 7th, 2015 at the main Clubhouse on Gun Club Road, Minaki Highway #596 for the transaction of business and affairs.Nominations  will  be  accepted  by  the  Secretary  for  the  following positions: a minimum of 10 Directors, a Secretary and a Treasurer.Contact Secretary Bill Wickham 548-1141.

Greg Rickford – BBQ Sept 14th

This is an important event. All long gun owners should attend. Find out more about the abolishment of the Long Gun Registry, Common Sense Firearms Act and what’s at stake in this election.
Greg needs your support to continue his work on this issue and many others that are important to
NWO residents. He looks forward to hearing your concerns and hopes to see you there!

Monday, September 14th, 5:00 – 7:00pm

Brochure is available to distribute here.

Pistol Range Closed

Ambs Industries will be working on raising the Pistol Range backstop. Starting Monday September 7th the Pistol range will be closed for safety reasons to all shooting between the hours of 730 am and 5 pm daily, until further notice.

When the contractor is on site, the rope barrier will be placed across the Pistol range road.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dwayne Cyr
Range Operator

Rifle Division Holds 200 Meter Benchrest Score Match

Sunday August 30th twelve shooters attended our last benchrest for score match of 2015.

Donovan Jack from Emo broke his 2014 range record by 11 points in Varmint Hunter Class.

Calvin Yanchycki from Brandon shot the club’s first ever 50 target at 200 meters in Varmint Hunter Class.

IMG_2248Left to right:
Rod Jack, Jacques Choquette, Burt Bastien, Dwayne Cyr, Ron Pettigrew, Calvin Yanchycki, Matt Cyr, Gavin Carlson, Donovan Jack, Spencer King, Ken Chambers, Rod MacDonell.

 The wind was mild to moderate in the morning but picked up and was switchy in the afternoon.

In Open/Varmint for Score Class Matt Cyr was shooting like a machine for 4 perfect targets on his way to break the old range record of 248 – 5X. Then he dropped 3 points on his last target.

Hunter Class

1st Rod Jack              232 – 3X  .308
2nd Rod MacDonell 212 – 1X  .308
3rd Ken Chambers   209          . 308

Varmint Hunter Class

1st Donovan Jack       237 – 2X  .223
2nd Calvin Yanchycki 234 – 2X   .223
3rd Gavin Carlson      232 – 3X   .223

Open/Varmint for Score Class

1st Matt Cyr               247 – 4X   6ppc
2nd Dwayne Cyr         247 – 3X  6ppc
3rd Calvin Yanchycki  243 – 2X  6ppc

Thank you to the shooters who travelled long distances to attend and thank you to the volunteers who helped run the event.

Dwayne Cyr

Falling plates return to the Pistol Range!

Thanks to the drive and determination of Eric Liznick and the Pistol leadership, one rack of falling plates has been returned to service on the Pistol range. The activity of shooting falling plates was shut down during the 2013 inspection unless frangible ammunition is used or the plates are bunkered to the backstop and fully enclosed. Eric was not willing to give up or lose any more activities so he said he would bring them back and he followed through on his word. This is an example of your $25 Pistol levy at work.

Back in the day there were two racks of falling plates and two shooters raced to knock them down. Due to trying to satisfy many activities with range space being at a premium, we will have to be content with one rack. Competitions can be run with an Electronic Shot Timer to record the fastest time to flatten the 6 plates.

The rules for the falling plates are the same as the dueling trees. No magnums, no .223 class rifles, minimum safe distance 15 meters.

Eric deserves our gratitude and appreciation for bringing back the pure fun factor and instant feedback of these steel reactive targets. “Life is good when you can shoot steel.” Also, thank you to the active members who were inconvenienced and took a break from their recreational shooting activities to allow construction to be completed.

Submitted by Dwayne Cyr

What a target!

This is a picture of Club member Gord Wald’s 5 shot group that he shot at 100 yards on the morning of Saturday August 15th at the Manitoba Provincial Benchrest Championships held in Selkirk Manitoba.


In Bench Rest vernacular, any 5 shot group shot at 100 yards measuring less than .100” center to center of the two bullet holes furthest apart is referred to as a “screamer”.

The 5 shot group need only land within the record box and does not need to be in the center as in Score shooting.


In case you think it’s a scam, there is a moving backer system behind the target which moves a blank sheet of paper at a rate of one inch per minute to verify that 5 shots were indeed fired on the target in the 7 minute time limit.

It looks like you could fire 1 shot on the target and the other 4 into the backstop and claim it was a screamer. But, the Official Scorer checks every target backer paper to verify there are 5 bullet holes, and if there’s not, the shooter is assessed a one inch penalty for each shot not on paper. A one inch penalty is impossible to recover from and will put the competitor to the bottom of ranking for the weekend.

Screamers are a little more common than a hole in one in golf. The current Selkirk Range Record for smallest 100 yard 5 shot group is a .048” shot by Murray Benson of Selkirk on August 18th 2012.

The current Canadian record for smallest 100 yard 5 shot group is .032 shot by Al Mirdoch October 9th, 1982. Gord’s target is signed and dated by the Match Director and will be framed with the backing paper verifying 5 bullets passed through one hole at 100 yards.

Congratulations Gord, well done.

Submitted by Dwayne Cyr